For 88-91 Honda Civic CRX Steel Front Traction Control Lower Tie Bar Brace Kit

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  • 100% Brand New, Never Been Used
  • Material:Aluminum ,T-304 light weight stainless steel.
  • The diameter of this bar is approx. 38mm, it's STRONG, and was a breeze to install.
  • Unlike the old design and most other traction bars on the market, it comes with its own 1 piece Radius rods and 1 adjustable heims, and able to adjust caster where it bolts up to the lca.
  • Increase traction to ground.
  • Prevent spring windup during breaking.
  • Easy to fit, direct bolt on.
  • No Installation Instruction Included, P​​​​​rofessional Installation is Highly Recommended


Installation steps:

  1. Remove the old crossmember
  2. Remove both front tow hooks.
  3. Mount the Traction bar without the radius arms.
  4. Install radius arms. Bolt the front first where it goes on the bar
  5. loosen up the nut on the heims and adjust length until the holes line up to the top of the front lower control arm(be sure to count the threads on the heims to make sure both side is equal length)
  6. Tighten up all bolts and make sure to not forget the nut on the heims.



  • 1988-1991 Honda Civic models only
  • 1988-1991 Honda CRX models only
  • For Year and Model, Please Check Compatibility


Package Includes:

  • Shown in the Picture Above