32-Valve Lifters Lash Adjusters For Dodge Mitsubishi Chrysler 2.5 3.0 3.5 3.8 V6

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100% Brand New Items, Never Used Or Installed
High quality
Direct Replacement. Ready to use.
Build to strict quality control standards.
High performance aftermarket products made in our own lifters factory with more than 10 years experience
A fast and affordable way to easily upgrade your car's appearance performance
CNC Machined for Maximum Accuracy
Forged, Heat Treated Chrome Alloy Steel Body for High Strength
Precision Machined and Heat Treated Internal Components
Professional installation in highly recommended (No instruction included)


for Mitsubishi for Dodge for Chrysler for Hyundai for Plymouth 1.8L 2.0L 2.4L L4 & 2.5L 3.0L 3.5L 3.8L V6 6G72 6G74 6G75


For Chrysler:
for Sebring 2001-2005 2.4L L4 Sohc
for Sebring 1995-2000 2.5L V6
for Sebring 2001-2005 3.0L V6
for Cirrus 1995-2000 2.5L V6
for Lebaron 1990 3.0L 181Cid V6
for Lebaron 1991-1995 3.0L V6

For Hyundai:
for Sonata 1990-1991 2.4L L4
for Sonata 1990-1998 3.0L V6

For Mitsubishi:
for Mirage 1990-2002 1.5L L4 Sohc
for Eclipse 1990-1993 1.8L L4 4G37
for Eclipse 1994 1.8L L4 Sohc 4G37
for Eclipse 1996-2005 2.4L L4
for Eclipse 2000-2005 3.0L V6 6G72
for Galant 1993 2.0L L4
for Galant 1990-1992 2.0L L4 Sohc
for Galant 1995-1998 2.4L L4
for Galant 1994-2003 2.4L L4 Sohc
for Galant 1999-2003 3.0L V6
for Galant 2004-2007 3.8L V6
for Lancer 2002-2007 2.0L L4 Sohc
for Expo 1992-1995 2.4L L4
for Mighty Max 1990-1996 2.4L L4
for Mighty Max 1990-1994 3.0L V6
for Montero Sport 1997-1999 2.4L L4
for Montero Sport 1997-2003 3.0L V6 6G72
for Montero Sport 1999-2004 3.5L V6
for Outlander 2003 2.4L L4
for Outlander 2007-2010 3.0L V6
for Diamante 1996 3.0L V6 6G72
for Diamante 1992-1995 3.0L V6 Sohc 6G72
for Diamante 1997-2004 3.5L V6
for Montero 1990-1996 3.0L V6 6G72
for Montero 1997-2002 3.5L V6
for Montero 2003-2006 3.8L V6 6G75
for 3000Gt 1997-1999 3.0L V6 Sohc 6G72
for Endeavor 2004-2010 3.8L V6 6G75

For Dodge:
for Colt Vista 1990 2.0L 122Cid L4
for Colt Vista 19912.0L L4
for Ram 50 1990-1993 2.4L L4
for Ram 50 1990 3.0L 181Cid V6
for Ram 50 1991 3.0L V6
for Stratus 2001-2005 2.4L L4 Sohc
for Stratus 1995-1997 2.5L V6
for Stratus 1998-2000 2.5L V6 Sohc
for Stratus 2001-2005 3.0L V6
for Avenger 1995-2000 2.5L V6
for Caravan 1990 3.0L 181Cid V6
for Caravan 1991-2000 3.0L V6
for Daytona 1991-1993 3.0L V6
for Dynasty 1991-1993 3.0L V6
for Spirit 1991-1995 3.0L V6
for Grand Caravan 1992-2000 3.0L V6
for Shadow 1992-1994 3.0L V6
for Stealth 1991-1996 3.0L V6 Sohc

For Plymouth:
for Laser 1991-1994 1.8L L4 4G37
for Acclaim 1991-1995 3.0L V6
for Voyager 1991-2000 3.0L V6
for Grand Voyager 1992-2000 3.0L V6
for Sundance 1992-1994 3.0L V6

Package Includes:

32 pcs Lifters Lash Adjuster
As shown in the picture