146 Clips Fender Door Hood Bumper Fastener Retainer Assortment For Toyota

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Product Description:

100% brand new, never been used
Material: Plastic
Quantity: 146 pcs /set
Box size: approx. 27.4*18.2*4.22cm
Perfect to replace your old or worn one
Fitment : For many Brand Vehicles, such as Volvo, BMW, GM, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Chrysler, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz And Audi
Professional installation in highly recommended (No instruction included)

Package Includes:

146 Pieces Clips + 1 Plastic Box

10 Pcs Door Trim Panel Retainer
White Nylon
Top Head Diameter: 13mm
Middle Head Diameter: 15.5mm
Bottom Head Diameter: 18mm
Stem Length: 14mm
Overall Length: 20.5mm
Stem Diameter: 9.5mm
For Isuzu Replace 8942264920
For Mazda Replace 9927-40-825
For Toyota Replace 67771-01010,67771-12010
For A14269
12 Pcs Screw Type Retainer
For GM Replace 20426301
For Mazda Replace 9926-50-625
For Toyota Replace 90467-06017
For Toyota Replace 90467-06017-20
For Toyota Replace 90467-06017-41
Black Nylon
Head Diameter: 15mm
Stem Length: 12mm
Fits Into 7mm Hole
For A14260
10 Pcs Hood, Bumper, Fender Liner Retainer
Condition: Brand New
Black Nylon, Quality Guaranteed
Head Diameter: 20mm (13/16")
Stem Length: 8mm (5/16")
Fits Hole Size: 7mm (9/32")
Please Verify the Size before Purchase
For Toyota Replaces 90467-07166
For A18888
10 Pcs Rear Bumper Cover Clip Push-Type Retainer
Black Nylon
Head Diameter 18mm (0.71 inch)
Stem Length 28mm (1.10 inch)
Fits into 9mm Hole (0.35 inch)
Fits For Tercel 1988-On
Fits For Camry 1988-On
Fits For Celica 1996-On
Fits For 4 Runner 2003-On
Fits For Hi-lux 2003-On
For Toyota Replaces 52161-16010
For Toyota Replaces 52161-02020
For A18873
18 Pcs Trim Panel & Hood Seal Clip
Black Nylon
Head Diameter: 13mm
Stem Length: 11mm
Fits Into 5mm Hole
For Toyota Replace 90467-08004
For Toyota Replace 90467-08011
For GM Replace 94842841, 94849113
Fits For Geo Prizm 1985-On
Fits For Nova 1985-On
For A18297
8 Pcs Hood Insulation Retaining Clip Hood Pad Insulation, Package Tray Panel, Luggage Compartment Mat
Black Nylon
Head Diameter: 30mm
Stem Length: 17mm
Fits 7mm Hole
Panel Thickness: 6mm
Fits For MR2 1989-On,
Fits For GM Nova 1985-On
For Toyota Replaces 90467-09008
For A14738
18 Pcs Nylon Screw Grommet
Natural Nylon
#10 Screw Size
Width: 13mm
Length: 13mm
Snaps Into 8.5mm x 8.5mm Hole
For Toyota Replaces 90189-06010
For Honda Replaces 75521-611-0000
For Mazda Replaces 9991-00-601
For 96706-P0105
For A14274
18 Pcs Headlight And Grill Nut
#10 Screw Size
12mm Wide, 12mm Long
Fits into 8mm x 9mm Hole
For Toyota Replace 90189-05013
For Mitsubishi Replace MS-480002
For A13932
12 Pcs Screw Grommet
Natural Nylon
#10 Screw Size
Head Diameter: 18 mm (23/32 inches)
Stem Length: 17 mm (21/32 inches)
Fits Into 8.5 mm Square Hole
Replaces: 01281-00023
For Toyota Replaces 90189-06001
For Mitsubishi Replaces MB-098145
For Alfa / For Fiat / For Lancia
Replaces 14203780
For A14275
12 Pcs Screw Grommet With Sealer
#6 Screw Size
Natural Nylon
Head Diameter: 14mm
Stem Length: 10mm
Fits Into 7mm x 7mm Hole
For Honda Replaces 90662-693-0030
For Honda Replaces 90662-693-003
For Toyota Replaces 9018-04066
For A14281
8 Pcs Front & Rear Wheel
Fender Liner Screw Grommet
Black Nylon
#12 Screw Size
Head Diameter: 16mm
Stem Length: 19mm
Fits Into 9mm x 9mm Hole
For Toyota Replaces 90189-06028
For Tacoma, T100 & 4 Runner 1992-On
For GM Replaces 94854203
For Chevrolet Nova & Prizm 1985-On
For Pontiac Vibe 1985-On
For A19194
10 Pcs Screw Grommet
Black Nylon
1/4" (#14) or M6.3-1.81 Screw Size
Head Diameter: 20mm
Stem Length: 17mm
Fits Into 8mm x 8mm Hole
For Toyota Replaces 90189-06013
For Toyota Replaces 96706-W100
For A14267