50Amp 50ft RV Power Generator Cord Wire w/ 3-Prong Iron Grey Inlet Box

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  • High Conductivity - Bendable extension cord adapter allows easy conversion from a standard 50 Amp male to 50 Amp female.
  • Safe Structure - Constructed with pure copper wiring coated with a heavy duty flame retardant, heat resistant PVC sheath that serves as protection from outdoor elements, wear and tear.
  • Convenient Plug - Professional handle eliminates frustration by assisting users in safely and conveniently gripping, plugging, and unplugging the male and female ends without straining or damaging the cord.
  • Weatherproof Protection - The threaded locking ring feature creates a weatherproof connection ensuring further protection during outdoor use.
  • Simple to Storage - Comes equipped with an adjustable cord organizer and carrying strap handle that makes toting and storing simple after each use.
  • Wide application - Excellent use at campsites, electric car charging stations and other outdoor use, also for most RVs, campers, trailers, and vehicles.


  • Cable
  • 100% Brand new and never been used.
  • Length: 50 Feet
  • Rated for 125/250V
  • RV / Camper power cord
  • This high quality power cord is made with three 6 gauge and one 8 gauge 100% copper wires.
  • Our 50amp locking connector (SS2-50R) has a twist-lock connector body  comes with a weather-proof boot with a threaded ring.
  • This locking connector fits all 50amp Hubbell power inlets and is perfect for weather- proof applications.
  • This Power cord includes special plug head (14-50P) with finger grips, so you have something to hold on to when you unplug this gigantic cord form the power source.
  • Power Cord twist lock must be securely fastened to provide weather-proof feature.


  • Inlet Box
  • 100% Brand new and never been used.
  • 4 Phase 3-Prong 50 Amp Power Inlet Box for Connecting to a Generator and Transfer Switch
  • Inlet features a threaded collar for a more secure connection to a power cord
  • Protective cap folds down to create a watertight seal when not in use
  • Non-metallic resin enclosure includes knockouts for ultimate wiring flexibility
  • Configuration: SS2-50/CS6375
  • Rating: 50 Amps, 125/250 Volts
  • Max Watts: 12,500 Watts
  • Professional Installation is Highly Recommended
  • No Instruction Included



Package includes:

  • 1X RV Extension Power Cord w/Inlet Box
  • Just as pictures show