Oxygen Sensor for Nissan Xterra & Frontier 3.3L For 250-23109 For 234-4700 New

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4 Pcs Oxygen Sensor O2 Upstream & Downstream for Nissan Frontier Xterra 1999-2003


Wires: 4

Position: Upstream & Downstream

Reference OEM #: 250-23109, 234-4700, 234-4703

Package Include:

4Pcs Oxygen Sensors(Upstream & Downstream) as Pictured

Warranty?2 years

Condition? Brand New


for Nissan Frontier 1999 V6 3.3L

for Nissan Frontier 2000 V6 3.3L

for Nissan Frontier 2003 V6 3.3L

for Nissan Xterra 2000-2003 V6 3.3L


measures the proportion of oxygen (O2) in the gas or liquid ; reduce vehicle emissions by ensuring that engines burn their fuel efficiently and cleanly

The most common application is to measure the exhaust gas concentration of oxygen for internal combustion engines in automobiles and other vehicles in order to calculate and, if required, dynamically adjust the air/fuel ratio so that catalytic converters can work optimally, and also determine whether a catalytic converter is performing properly or not.

Symptoms of a failing oxygen sensor includes:

-Sensor light on dash indicates problem,
-Increased tailpipe emissions,
-Increased fuel consumption,
-Hesitation on acceleration,
-Rough idling.

Note: Please check OE# with listed pictures above and make sure it fits you vehicle