20 pcs 3.75" Stainless Steel T-Bolt Clamp Turbo 3 -3/4" Silicone Hose Clamps

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1. T-Bolt clamps provide uniform sealing pressure for a positive, reliable seal which are frequently installed on coolant and air-intake systems for construction, truck, and bus engines. Through the use of bolts and studs design, T-Clamps can be implemented a much more tighter and durable hold for silicon couplers, rather than the normal screw design clamps.

2. 100% Brand New

3. Clamp Range: 102 mm-110 mm or 4.02"-4.33"

4. Material: 301ss Stainless Steel

5. Band Width: 19 mm or 0.75"

6. Band Thickness: 0.6 mm

7. This T-Bolt Clamp fits for 3.75" or 95 mm inner diameter silicone hose

fits for 4.13" or 105 mm outer diameter silicone hose


1.The way of choose T clamp:

Calculate your hose Outside Diameter : Hose Outside Diameter = Hose inner Diameter + 2 X Hose thickness

then you can calculate whether your hose is belonged to the clamp range.

2.If the clamp range is 35 mm-43 mm, the value of your hose Outside Diameter should be larger than the first value of the clamp range, less than the second.